Our Projects


Grading of land means to cut dirt from a high spot and fill in a low spot, when grading and leveling, dirt is removed from high points and placed in low places making a level area, this type grading is known by excavating contractors as a ” cut and fill ” type grading.


We are a construction service company that has provided top quality work. Our primary MARKET is the Birmingham Over the Mountain area. Our expertise is in hardscape construction. We construct driveways, retaining walls, sidewalks, patios, stairs and 'smaller stuff' such as planters and mailboxes etc. Naturally as our work involves the redirection of water flow, we design and install drainage systems and repair and re-waterproof foundations.

Steel pavilion and site improvements

Need a fence for extra privacy and security? Or do you need one around your pool for safety? Whatever your reasons, a professional should always be called in for an aluminum or steel fence.

Columbarium sections

Whenever any cemetery authority owning or controlling cemetery lands from which remains are to be removed has acquired the possession or use of any cemetery for the purpose of providing a place for the reinterment of human remains removed under this chapter, new lands may be surveyed and subdivided into plots, avenues, and walks for cemetery purposes; and any mausoleum and columbarium may be divided into crypts or niches.